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The Home Depot is one of the world`s biggest home improvement retailer with more than 390,000 workers and more than 2,100 stores across the Canada, Mexico and, of course, the United States of America. Our associates are located in our stores, warehouse distribution centers, contact centers, and corporate help power our $107+ billion business that attracts millions of customers every year.
“The Home Depot jobs are a nice place to work and extend yourself with the community of retail. While employed I have been a supervisor for 6 out the 7 years I was there. Often being almost always in charge of the building and it’s security myself.’’ – shares John in his reference.
There are such examples of The Home Depot jobs as:
Cashier – estimated salary is about 21,000$ per year. 67% of Cashier employees at The Home Depot think they are paid quite fairly.
Waiter – estimated salary is about 12$ per hour. About 50% of sales associates think they get fair salary.
Builder – estimated salary is about 30 k dollars. 51% of them think they get fair salary.
“It is really interesting to work at home depot jobs. It is rather hard to be appreciated. Salary is nice. Work environment is cool. Culture is perfect. An ideal colleagues at workplace.” – shares Sarah in her reference about working there.
Creag Menear is the Hope Depot`s CEO and most of workers like him.
In last couple of years, Home Depot`s fast growth has been spectating in rental of different tools, which is provided by rentals but executives say there is still some space for future growth.
“We certainly know that 89% of rental tool profs, but a couple of ears ago only one out of 9 professionals rented from the United States,” as Craig Menier said, -0.05 per cent, said that basing to the payment, “Today, this amount has been increased to one in four or even five, but there are still being sone rooms for future growth as we continue to invest in our experience in instruments of leasing.”
The Home Depot jobs provides hundred thousands of people with a working places, good salaries and collective. You will enjoy working at this company. Become the part of over 390,000 workers. Good luck.

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