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Where indeed job vacancies exist during the Covid-19 pandemic in Russia and what are the reasons for mentioning the coronavirus (COVID-19) in them?
During March and April 2020, many vacancies and resumes that mentioned coronavirus or COVID-19 were published. We examined the context in which employers and job seekers write about them.
Most often, indeed job vacancies appear in the field of medicine, and the reasons for this are obvious, they look for specialists to fight against the pandemic (doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants for COVID-19 testings, and so on). The diagram shows the percentage of vacancies in which the coronavirus is most often mentioned. It has increased significantly in medicine and constitute 74%. There is plenty of job offers in medicine, although the unemployment rate, in general, is expected to rise from 6% to 10.5% shortly.
There are also indeed job vacancies in other areas, including IT and telecom, sales, banking, marketing, and workforce. Besides, in many indeed job vacancies, there are requirements for online COVID-19 training.
In other professional areas, coronavirus is mentioned with minor importance only in 19% of job offers. Only 1% of these vacancies seek junior specialists.
IT and telecom and sales vacancies mention coronavirus in 6% of job descriptions, 4% in transport and logistics, banks and investments, and only 2% in marketing.
We examined these indeed job vacancies and identified four typical reasons for mentioning the coronavirus (COVID-19).
1. Temporary vacancies
Sometimes vacancies are temporary, sometimes permanent.
In the first case, they usually write: “for the period of coronavirus”.
2. Working conditions and the starting period
All employers were divided into two groups, due to the precautionary measures applied during the pandemic:
– companies that can continue to work as usual,
– businesses that do not have such an opportunity in conditions of mass isolation.
Therefore, in some vacancies, there are explanations in which conditions the work will take place.
Some companies took a wait-and-see attitude and placed vacancies, bearing in mind that the start of work will take place only after the pandemic end.
3. The interview format
Even companies that continue operating normally, changed interviews to a remote format. The notification about this often contains mention of coronavirus.
4.The advantages of the employing company
Some employers actively continue recruitment to showcase their expansion during the crisis as a sign of reliability.

Russia is at the beginning of the rising unemployment wave as one of the economic consequences of the current coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, during this period, you can try to find permanent or temporary indeed job vacancies.