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Network rail jobs

network rail jobs

Network rail jobs — work for everyone Working on the railway has several advantages: Ability to travel Stability Availability for everyone searching for job Career opportunities and self-fulfillment Full social package Paid sick leave Annual vacation Most rail jobs differ by type of employment and schedule, but despite this, they are suitable for a wide range of people of different specialties. Most popular network rail jobs: Electrician Conducting test work on measuring instruments for accounting for electric energy (current and voltage transformers, electric energy meters) Work with documents and programs Training for a calibrator in electrical measurements Relocation Officer Ensuring safe movement (including high-speed) of trains, cars and other vehicles at the crossing Regulation of movement on moving all types of transport Organization in accordance with the established procedure for the passage of heavy, oversized, low-speed and other machines, livestock Maintenance and monitoring of the operation of automatic devices, obstructive traffic and sound alarms, searchlight installations, electric lighting, radio and telephone communications, and other devices at the crossing Train conductor — most coveted profession among network rail jobs Checking tickets and documents during boarding the train Assistance to passengers during boarding / disembarking Delivery of bedding and their collection no earlier than 30 minutes before arrival at the station Sale of tea, coffee, confectionery, etc. The conductor must pass the car at least three times a day and offer the passengers the above goods. You can also buy tea, coffee, and everything else at any time of the day, and the wagon employee must bring an order to the passenger seat Providing passengers (upon request) with things such as brushes for clothes and shoes, board games (chess, checkers) Providing the ability to charge a mobile phone Flaw detector operator — the most common profession among network rail jobs Checking the railway track and switches according to the approved schedule using manual measuring instruments Taking measures to ensure the safety of train traffic Maintaining established reporting on identified malfunctions Monitoring of troubleshooting and quality of work performed network rail jobs — is a perfect opportunity for those who want an interesting job with the optimal number of duties and acceptable working conditions.