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Part time jobs

part time jobs

Part-time jobs — from A to Z

This is a kind of job, when you don’t need to spend all day time working. Like all types of work, part-time jobs have several advantages and disadvantages.

First, and most obvious – you don’t need to work all day long. Generally the longest work shift lasts for six hours maximum. In most cases employers give you a possibility to choose comfortable schedule. That’s why it is a good opportunity to combine job and studying, sitting with a baby or another job.

Qualification. Usually there is no need to be an experienced specialist or long studying in college/university before working. This is the biggest advantage — a job is available to everyone.

Short pre-training. In most cases employers don’t give strict requirements for that kind of workers. Traineeship takes from couple hours to couple days pick. You can get your first salary after the first shift already.
Usually part-time workers have low salary. For example: working a half shift you get more than twice less, then you can get working a full shift. This is a main disadvantage of part-time jobs — you can choose time, place, suitable type of work, but payouts will be the same almost everywhere.

Lack of insurance. Even officially working employers may not draw up any type of insurance for you due to the time spent and unwanted paperwork. In case of injury you risk to pay treatment costs by yourself.

A job can be not official. Sometimes it happens due to employers reluctance not to pay taxes for a temporary worker. Beside the insurance you can lose even salary if the employer turns out to be a dishonest person. In these cases it is hard to proof something to police because of lack of the documents confirming your work.
Who works part-time

Part-time jobs are an optimal variant for kinds of people:
Students. Because of necessity of long time studying during the day students usually work at night time to earn needs for tuition payment and essential.

Moms on maternity leave. Sometimes due to the deficit of money moms with babies have to look for additional ways of earning to support acceptable standard of living for her and a baby. Generally this kind of job prefers lonely mothers who have to raise their kids by themselves.

Most common types of part-time jobs
Medical Orderly
Restaurant employee
Some kinds of freelance jobs