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My world of work

My world of work

My world of work — my views on modern professions

In the modern world, more and more attention is paid to professions in the field of technology and the modernization of technological processes, and physical labor is relegated to the background and depreciated.
It is necessary to clearly understand what profession to choose and what prospects it promises. If you make the wrong decision, you can lose investment and years of study in the chosen direction.
My world of work — personal looks at different professions

One of those that can make a profit without a large investment. Great fits for all types of people, even school kids (with the necessary level of knowledge). Often do not require certain qualifications.

Some online professions can be learned with the help of video tutorials or free webinars. The disadvantage is that it takes a certain amount of time to reach an acceptable level of income; a low income is possible in the first stages of work.

The most common Internet professions:

Web Designer
Target specialist
SMS manager
SEA specialist
IT professions

My world of work such that for work in the field of IT it is necessary to have a long preliminary education at technical universities, which is often not accessible to everyone.
The importance of the profession in the IT world is in the continuous development of technology and ability to save work, despite automation gaining momentum and reducing the labor force.
Another advantage is the relatively high salary from the very beginning of work, as well as the daily opportunity to realize and improve yourself in the work sector.
Manual labor in my world of work

Perhaps the most unpromising type of work. Today, almost all physical labor is combined with automated processes. Searching for a job without any applied digital or technical knowledge is doomed to failure today.
If you are lucky enough to find such a job, then it will not be paid for much, despite the long working day.
An additional drawback is the high percentage of illegal physical work in the world, for which you may simply not be given a salary.
State jobs

The best option for simple people. Moderate technical skills and often little physical work are required.
To work on the state you don’t need to graduate from expensive universities or have in-depth knowledge in certain areas (mainly for low and medium positions).
Even if you didn’t get the desired job, you will be quickly proposed an alternative. That’s how state jobs looks like in my world of work.