Job Description

Assistant Operations Manager

The overview of the job would be to ensure all buildings inside and out as well as any tools or equipment used in the operation of the store are in good repair.

The Assistant Operations Manager would manager the regions maintenance members,

  • Reviewing job requests in Trello
  • Determine how the job should be completed
  • Assign the job and apply a due date
  • Follow up on the job to ensure it was completed.

This includes fixing physical features such as display cases and fixing digital features such as the Ipads or internet. Not all jobs can be completed internally, some tasks will need to be outsourced and that is up to the operations manager to determine.

The Assistant Operations Manager is responsible for completing store inspections on a weekly basis. This includes

  • Checking the appearance of the store inside and out for cleanliness and any damages
  • Checking all lights are properly working
  • Checking display cases are in good repair and functioning correctly
  • Checking that the stores have their storage needs met (enough shelving, bins etc.)
  • Checking that all equipment is up to date and working properly (ipads, printers, scanners, computers, monitors etc.)
  • Checking that all utilities are working properly (power, water, garbage, internet, phones)

Any issues found during these inspections would be added to the job requests and assigned as needed.

The Assistant Operations Manager is also responsible for reviewing any equipment requests and ensure the accurate equipment is purchased for the shops. If the request is for a replacement there should first be steps taken to ensure a new item is in fact needed and not just some repair. In the event new equipment is needed the request should be compared to current equipment in storage before making a new purchase.

The Assistant operations manager would work with the Operations Manager on any issues they are not comfortable deciding on their own as well as any new equipment purchases.

Job Type: Full-time


Cannabis Retail Company
Seattle, WA 98178, USA

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