Job Description

Eaze is the leading cannabis technology company. Eaze uses a sophisticated logistics and technology platform to provide a superior user experience through fast delivery of a broad variety of cannabis products across California.

If you choose to accept this mission, you will work with some of the most innovative growth, marketing, and product teams at any consumer product company in the Bay Area. You will be a crucial part of the organization and drive massive consumer demand.

What you get out of it: a truly unique experience working in a revolutionary industry that is about to explode. You will be a pioneer in scaling a product that is making its way into mass adoption. If this sounds exciting (and challenging) to you, then read on!

The successful Growth Associate will:

    • Actually growth hack paid channels : Most ad networks do not allow us to advertise our products on their platform but you need to figure out how (yes, it is doable).
    • Find opportunities for organic or viral acquisition whether that is collaborating with our product team, leveraging our CRM, SEO, viral giveaways, etc.
    • Automate your work wherever possible. We want your efforts to scale and for you to focus on problems that others can’t solve.
    • Successfully arbitrage LTV to CAC by optimizing the entire funnel, not just acquiring users.
    • Roll up your sleeves and build. You will start with a team of zero, prove value, automate, and then expand if successful.
    • Disclaimer : this is a demanding job, to say the least.

Our Ideal Candidate:

    • Is insanely data-driven and analytical. Our team members are the type of people who would optimize a landing page by using HotJar to see the how far people scroll down the page.
    • Can use Google to become an expert in most things. You may not have growth experience but you know how to learn quickly.
    • Is an Excel/SQL wizard. Able to write enough SQL to pull data out for Excel manipulation.
    • Is creative enough, and can understand customer journey. It may not be your super power but you could write copy better than 50% of the office.
    • Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, or any technical major (in lieu of a degree, 1+ years of relevant work experience is acceptable).
    • Must be available to work in our office in downtown San Francisco.


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