Job Description


Platform Engineer


Budget: $40-$80K

Company Introduction

Grownetics is the future of agricultural artificial intelligence,
and recognized as one of the most advanced cannabis technology
companies in the world. By combining big data and machine learning
optimization algorithms, Grownetics helps growers reduce costs,
decrease energy usage, and increase overall quality and yield.
Think the “self driving car” for agriculture, a smart-thinking,
fully automated farm. The 60% operational cost savings
experienced by Grownetics customers have been validated by the
University of Colorado’s associated research team and the company
has won awards including “Best New Technology Company” from the
University of Colorado and the Denver Post’s award for “Best
Cannabis Technology Startup” in the USA.

Working at Grownetics

Grownetics is a remote-first company. In this age of innovation and
instant global communication we think it is silly to limit our
potential talent pool to people who happen to be located in a
specific geographic area. We provide a great deal of agency to our
employees and trust them to manage their time effectively to
complete what they need to get done, while still maintaining a
healthy work/life balance. As such we are looking for a specific
type of personality that is compatible with how we work.

  • Self-starters who can get things done without always needing

clear direction.

  • Good writers. We communicate primarily online, so all

teammates must be able to communicate effectively.

  • Detail oriented, erring on the side of over communication.

Role to Fill: Platform Engineer

You will be the first hire to our platform team, and be responsible
for the infrastructure that supports Grownetics, it’s clients, and
its development team. You will work closely with the CTO and
development team to define and implement a wide range of
initiatives. Some of the challenges include scaling Grownetics
services to support a global SaaS platform, as well as building
tools and processes to support analytics, monitoring,
machine-learning and data-warehousing. You will define and
implement various strategies covering everything from subnets to
backups to fog networking/computing configuration and deployments.


  • Provision, configure, maintain, backup, and monitor onsite

and cloud based server resources

  • Define and implement deployment strategies for client-facing

and internal tool systems

  • Continual improvement and fine-tuning of various alerting and

monitoring systems

  • Travel to client locations to install and configure onsite


  • On-call duty to respond to urgent bugs or outages


  • 2+ years experience in software/systems development
  • Strong software development background, experience building

software systems

  • Working knowledge of at least one of the following languages:

PHP, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Elixir, Go or comparable

  • Strong background in Linux administration
  • Strong experience with cloud providers such as AWS, Digital

Ocean, Google Cloud, etc

  • Strong understanding of IT security best practices
  • Experience with automation/configuration software (puppet,

ansible), and/or orchestration software (docker swarm,
kubernetes, etc)

  • Strong understanding of computer networks
  • Experience with administration of Redis, MariaDB/Mysql,

Nginx, etc, at production scale

  • Strong understanding of Docker and containerized systems
  • Modern Laptop Computer with internet connection
  • Headset and quiet environment for pair programming and video


  • Must be comfortable working in facilities that grow and

process cannabis

Hiring Process and How To Apply

In order to protect our culture and quality of work Grownetics
implements a blind hiring process and hire slow policy. If you are
selected for the position it will begin as contract to hire for a 3
month trial period followed by an offer for the first year.

1. Make sure you qualify, no recruiters or agents, US citizens


2. Background check required

3. Fill out the job application at the link below


4. Send email of resume in .pdf format to [email protected]

5. Due to our blind hiring process it is important you only put

personal information in where designated.

6. We will contact you within 30 days if you make the short



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